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March 16, Marian Gaborik

March 16, 2011 Leave a comment

Hey guys,

Last night Marian Gaborik did what he does; put up goals on mediocre teams. His two goals in last night’s contest with the Islanders brought his season total to 20, a far cry from what he is capable of. Last season Gaborik tallied 42 goals. To his defense, he has not been healthy this season, battling injuries throughout. Last night was the fourth time this season he has scored multiple goals in a game, and the least amount of goals scored in a game where he had more than one.

On November 14 against Edmonton, Gabby tallied a hat trick, On December 2 in Long Island, he added another hat trick to his season. On January 19, he scored four goals on the Maple Leafs, leading up to last night when he recorded his fourth multi-goal game of the season. So he has tallied a total of 12 goals in four games, and 8 goals in the rest of the season.

Gaborik needs to get some consistency in his game because right now he is not being as helpful as he can be. He is a super star in the league, and has evidenced it by his stellar play in four games this season. Now that Vinny Prospal is back he needs to start gelling, and making it work with his teammates.

To commemorate Gaborik’s ability to light up the score sheet, take a look at this video from when he was a member of the Minnesota Wild. On this particular night, Gaborik scored five goals on the Rangers. Now he needs to do that for us! Enjoy.


March 7, Wayne Gretzky’s 1,000th goal

March 7, 2011 Leave a comment

Hey guys,

Today I will be paying tribute to the greatest hockey player of all time, Wayne Gretzky. There is no disputing his status in hockey history. He’s the greatest. That’s why they call him the Great One. On this day in 1998, Gretzky netted the 1,000th goal of his career. It was his 878th regular season goal, added to the 122 goals he netted throughout his playoff career. It’s a shame that the Rangers couldn’t have added him to their squad when he was leaps and bounds better than everyone else, but his contributions in New York should not be minimized. It is an even greater shame that my favorite player of all time, Mark Messier, decided to split town in 1997, and join the Vancouver Canucks. By the time he returned to New York in 2000, it was too late. The Great one had already retired, appropriately following the ’99 season.

In tribute to Wayne, here is a nice video of some of his greatest plays. Enjoy!

February 22, Linus Omark Revisited

February 22, 2011 Leave a comment

Hockey fans probably remember Edmonton Oilers rookie Linus Omark for his showmanship in the first shootout goal of his NHL career on December 10, 2010. Omark came under a lot of criticism for trying to show up Tampa Bay goalie Dan Ellis in the process of netting a goal in his shootout debut. Omark skated to the puck from his own red line, when he got to the puck he proceeded to do a spin move, then pushed the puck through Ellis’ five hole after faking a slap shot.

Now that it has been a few months since the goal, I figured it would be interesting to see what Omark has done since then. Omark has not exactly made headlines since his shootout winner. He has a total of three goals and 12 assists so far this season with a -10 +/-. His last goal came close to a month ago on January 25 against the Phoenix Coyotes.

Omark is still a young player, so it remains to be seen what will become of his NHL career. It is safe to say that his shootout goal is really not important in the grand scheme of things, but it might be remembered as the highlight of the Oilers putrid season. They currently sit in last place in the whole NHL with 46 points.

Full disclosure: The shot didn’t bother me, but I am not surprised that it did bother some. It was a very cocky move for a player making his NHL debut.