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April 15, Rob Ray

April 15, 2011 Leave a comment

Hey guys,

Thank God It Is Friday!!

Check out this hilarious video of Rob Ray of the Buffalo Sabres beating the tar out of a foolish Nordiques fan. I don’t remember Ray as he was before my time, but he sure seems like a tough dude. Not a guy I would mess with.


February 21, The Brawling Islanders

February 21, 2011 Leave a comment

Hey guys,

So for anyone who pays attention to hockey, you probably have heard about the New York Islanders’ recent scraps with the Pittsburgh Penguins. The action started on February 2, when Rick DiPietro shoved the Penguins antagonist, Matt Cooke. Pittsburgh goalie Brent Johnson took exception to DiPietro, and skated down the ice to challenge him to a fight. The two dropped their gloves, and came together in the Islanders zone. Ricky D went into the fight with WAY too much confidence , which resulted with him getting knocked out with just one punch. The fight resulted in DiPietro having to be sidelined for 4-6 weeks. In DiPietro’s time with the Islanders, he has been more fragile than glass. The Islanders signed Ricky D to an unheard of 15 year contract in 2006, and since that point it has been impossible for him to stay healthy for any extended period of time. I didn’t think it was possible, but DiPietro has taken the title of, “American Idle,” from Carl Pavano. Don’t worry Isles fans, he will be off the books in 2021.

Back to the goalie fights. So following the first meeting that ended in DiPietro’s injury, the two teams met again on February 11, just 9 days later. This time it was the Islanders who had a score to settle. There were plenty of prideful Isles that felt offended by the beatdown of their goalie, and the way the Penguins basically laughed in their faces about the whole thing. One Islander who made it known that their would be payback was Micheal Haley, a young, tough rookie. Haley scored the first goal of his NHL career, and followed it up with a series of hard-hitting fights. The fight to be remembered in the game was the one that got him ejected. Haley skated down the ice and challenged Brent Johnson to a fight in redemption of DiPietro. The two went at it for awhile before Eric Goddard of the Penguins left the bench to defend his goaltender. The end result of the game was a 9-3 Islanders win, with 65 penalties, 10 ejections, and 346 Penalty Minutes (The Florida Panthers as a team only have 486 penalty minutes this whole season.) Former Penguin great, and now partial team owner Mario Lemieux had harsh words for the NHL following the brawls.


All this talk about the Islanders, and brawls, and goalie fights got me thinking…. There must be a time that all of these things happened when they faced off against the Rangers. Then I remembered one of the most one sided goalie fights in hockey history. Enjoy the show.

This video piqued my curiosity when I saw Chara in an Islanders jersey. I didn’t recall a time when Chara played in New York, so of course I had to look it up. In 2001, the Islanders shipped Chara up to Ottawa in a trade to acquire Alexei Yashin. The trade also included the Islanders’ first round pick in the draft, which ended up being Jason Spezza. Spezza just recently tallied his 500th point in his 501st NHL game.

I’m surprised I didn’t know about this before, but looking back on it I have to say, “wow.” Talk about highway robbery.