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March 29, Go New York, Go New York, Go

March 29, 2011 Leave a comment

Hey guys,

So it seems the impossible is possible afterall. After a solid three quarters of play, the Knicks were finally able to finish off a game, but not without the scare of overtime.

The Knicks were on top of the Magic for most of the game, but they didn’t have enough to finish them out in regulation. After a 3-pointer from Jason Richardson in the waining seconds of the fourth quarter, a play that had Jared Jeffries guarding Richardson (poorly, atleast put a hand up!) on the perimeter for reasons unknown to me.

The Knicks then went down the court and called time out for one last effort. I can’t remember exactly, but with about five seconds left, the inbound pass came to Carmelo, who drove into the key, where he was met my multiple defenders including Dwight Howard. He then tossed up an awkward jumper while falling forwards that hit the rim, and bounced back to him. He was able to tip up his own rebound, but the shot came up short.

I understand Carmelo wants to be the hero, he wants to be the guy that takes the final shot and gets all the glory, but come on! Pass that ball up. I know his shot almost went in, but there had to have been a player with an uncontested look considering all the attention he drew from the defense. Anthony had a great game last night, recording 39 points and 10 rebounds, but share the ball on that last play. There’s plenty of Knicks that can make a last second shot.

Shut up Spike. Yeah, congratulations, we see you. Go home now. PHOTO //

I used to be a huge fan and supporter of Anthony. When he left Syracuse for the NBA, I was a proponent that he should be drafted over Lebron. (Atleast over Darko Milicic!) I don’t think he is better than James, but since he came out of high school with the hype of being the next Jordan, and to select the number 23, I have never liked the guy.

I have to say my taste for Anthony has only declined since he joined the NBA. I still really like him as a player, and I wish he wouldn’t be so spoiled out there so I could be a more supportive fan, but the fact is that he has done a lot of whining since he came to New York. Whether it’s making demands about minutes, or complaining about not taking the final shot, Anthony seems to have brought the wrong attitude to town. It’s not going to happen over night. Just because they are not a Championship caliber team right now, doesn’t mean they can’t get there. Anthony needs to learn to be patient, and has to stop putting his teammates in uncomfortable positions.

I hope that Anthony, Stat, Billups, and the rest of the gang can figure it out before the playoffs start, and start putting together consistent performances life last night. Until they string off a few wins in a row against all teams regardless of caliber, I have to be sceptical. Still, nothing would be better than seeing the Knicks knock out the Heat in the first round.

Regardless of what the Knicks accomplish this season, lets just hope the Heat fall flat on their face this postseason.

Check out this huge overtime dunk by Anthony in transition last night. A play that helped seal the deal for the Knicks.


February 22, Welcome to New York Carmelo and Chauncey

February 22, 2011 Leave a comment

Hey guys,

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So as most of you already know by now, Carmelo Anthony and Chauncey Billups are now members of the New York Knicks, along with a host of lesser known players. This to me is big news, and fans should be happy for the addition, but as usual it seems Knicks fan have failed to cherish the moment (Now I’m not talking about all Knicks fans, just the ones I heard on WFAN talking to Mike Francesa.)

I can’t say I was shocked, after two years of hearing about how Lebron is going to be a Knick, followed by a season of hearing how Melo is coming to New York as soon as Lebron decided to take his talents to South Beach. Today it seemed like half of the callers on Mike’d Up were calling to discuss when the Knicks will land Deron Williams, or Chris Paul, or Dwight Howard. Enough already! I can’t take it anymore. I thought once Carmelo showed up the anticipation would dissipate, but now it seems like everyone is just on the the next one. Be grateful for what you have, shut up, and just watch the product that the Knicks put on the court for once, instead of chirping about what needs to be done next.

That being said I don’t want anyone to think this applies to all Knicks fans. I have good friends that are Knicks fans (Myself included, but I know I’m not a huge NBA fan, and I won’t pretend to be,) that are content with this move, as a matter of fact I have yet to see/hear any of those people anticipating the next move, but I assure you from listening to WFAN all day that these fans exist.

Is the current Knicks roster a finished product? No. But can’t we please just wait for the season to end before the talks start up about who’s next?

Back to the trade itself:

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I don’t feel like the Knicks gave up too much to get their prize. If I could change one aspect of the trade it would be to ship Landry Fields away rather than Danilo Gallinari, but nonetheless, the trade was still favorable for New York. I also understand that the Nuggets wanted Gallo more than Landry, so the Knicks did what they had to do.

Another aspect of the trade that I found interesting was that Timofey Mozgov was the player that pushed the trade through. I feel like the Knicks did a great job showcasing Mozgov in the weeks leading up to the trade to sweeten the pot for Denver. Not to say that Mozgov will not be a good NBAer, but I feel the few weeks that he did play leading up to the trade was a calculated move by New York.

The Bottom Line:

The Knicks got their man. Knicks fans are happy, or at least they should be. Now lets just sit back and enjoy the product on the floor right now. Carmelo makes his debut tomorrow (Feb. 23) against the Milwaukee Bucks. This game should be a treat for NBA fans everywhere.

That all being said, here is my video to commemorate the trade. A young Carmelo Anthony in his freshman season (and only season) with Syracuse. The year that Anthony led the Orangemen to a National Championship. And to answer the last question posed in the video… YES.