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April 29, The 2011 NFL Draft Ends the Era of 2006 Draftees

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Hey guys,

So with last night’s draft, there were two things that stuck out to me as a Tennessee Titans fan. The first of course would have to be the Titans selection of Jake Locker at eighth overall. I’m not going to kill this pick, though I do feel there’s a good chance we could have picked him in the second round. Locker is a tough guy, and I’m excited to have him as the quarterback of the future. As a fan, you have to trust the new regime, and they seem to like this kid so much that they didn’t want to risk him being drafted before their second round pick. Would it have been nice to trade down in the first round, so the Titans could add some draft picks to the arsenal? Absolutely. But like I said, I’m going to trust Munchak’s vision.

Another pick that did not shock me at all, as a matter of fact I thought there was no way it would not be made. The pick was by the New Orleans Saints selecting Mark Ingram 28th overall. The fact that Ingram fell so far was pretty crazy. There were a few teams I was sure would select him. It seemed like he would be a good fit for the Giants, but they did well for themselves without.

The story that intrigued me about these selections is that they effectively ended the careers of Reggie Bush and Vince Young in New Orleans and Nashville respectively. I remember in the 2006 draft a lot of people criticized the Texans for passing up on Bush, and selecting Mario Williams, but right now it looks like they knew what they were doing.

To commemorate the end of these ’06 draftees’ tenure with their first teams, take a look at the highlights of Bush and Young in college. They truly were amazing on the collegiate level.


April 22, The Giants and Jets to Open the Season on 9/11. Will Face Off on Christmas Eve

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Hey guys,

For the 2011 NFL season, the Giants and Jets will both open on September 11. There were talks early on the day that the schedule was announced that the two New York teams would face off against one another on the anniversary, but the league elected to have their match-up on Christmas Eve.

My initial reaction was disappointment when I heard that the two New Yorkers would not face off to start the season, but I’ve since decided that it’s not such a bad thing. This way both teams have a chance to seize victory on this somber anniversary.

So for all you New York football fans out there, take a look at this season’s schedule for the Giants and Jets.

The season opens with The Big Blue Wrecking Crew facing off with the Washington Redskins at FedEx Field at 4:15. Gang Green also faces off with an NFC East opponent in the Dallas Cowgirls at the Meadowlands in primetime.

This of course all hinges on the idea that there will be an NFL season in 2011, and that it will start on time.

To shift gears completely as far as sports go, the announcement of the tenth anniversary of 9/11’s football schedule brings me to today’s videos. The two videos that I picked out for today are of the Mets and Yankees once play was resumed following the attacks. Unfortunately, since the MLB has a tight grip on all of their video content, you will have to leave the site to see the Mets video. It’s pretty amazing the way that the Mets and Braves got together and united with national pride. The Yankees video is also a great watch, and you get to take a look at some behind the scenes interactions with our then president George W Bush. Bush and Jeter’s interactions before the game were awesome.

[VIDEO] The Mets first game after 9/11

March 25, Congrats Eli

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Hey guys,

As you may or may not have heard, Eli Manning and his wife Abby have given birth to their daughter, Ava Frances.

Manning and the Giants went through a roller coaster of a season in 2010. There are positives and negatives that come to mind immediately when reflecting on the year.


  • Hakeem Nicks established himself as a number one reciever, with the potential to become one of the best in the game.
  • Ahmad Bradshaw showcased his ability to run the ball, and established himself as a back with potential to take over the game.
  • Manning threw for 4,000 yards for the second straight season.
  • Osi Umenyiora and Justin Tuck highlighted an electrifying Defensive Line, including the play of the young, raw Jason Pierre-Paul.


  • Along with his good running, Bradshaw also showed a propensity to cough up the ball.
  • The G-Men went from looking at a first round bye in the playoffs to missing them altogether, thanks in large part, and mostly to the massacre at the Meadowlands.
  • Interceptions galore. Manning threw 25 interceptions to counter his 31 touchdowns.
  • Throughout the season Brandon Jacobs proved himself to be a baby. Whether he was freaking out on the sidelines, or hurling his helmet into the crowd in Indy, Jacobs showed that when things don’t go his way he throws a fit.

Free Agents

Once (if) a CBA is reached, the Giants will have to deal with the free agency of some of their key players. Some of the important guys that are eligable for free agency, among others, are:

  • Ahmad Bradshaw
  • Steve Smith (As a follower of Steve on Facebook and Twitter, there seems to be a lot of optimism that the Giants want him back, and he certainly wants nothing more than to be a Giant.)
  • Kevin Boss
  • DJ Ware
  • Mathia Kiwanuka
  • Barry Cofield
  • Chase Blackburn

Back to Eli

On a personal note, I would like to commend Manning, and the number he put up in the 2010 season. When I selected Eli in the second round of my fantasy football draft with the 24th overall pick, I was ridiculed with comments that I was making a reach. Maybe I was, but it worked out for me in the end, and that’s all that matters. The dynamic duo that was Manning to Nicks basically carried my team through many tough weeks. My overall team, featuring Manning, Nicks, Bradshaw and Giants Defense was what I liked to call my Giants Machine. No lead was insurmountable for Jeff Fisher’s Beard, (my team) when the Giants Machine started rolling. It is a strategy that I have implemented in my last two fantasy football seasons, both of which I came out on top. My first season was the Chargers Machine, featuring an underrated, and under appreciated (at the time) Philip Rivers, Vincent Jackson, and Nate Kaeding. I don’t like to give away my strategies, but the cats out of the bag. When drafting a fantasy football team, stack up on one team that you think is going to do damage.

For todays video, I present to you a scary preseason moment against the Jets that would have caused a lesser QB injury. This was tough to watch when it happened. I was begining to think the Eli pick may come back to haunt me afterall, but he was back and ready as soon as the Giants were willing to play him.

March 14, Concussions, Concussions

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Hey guys,

So today I write about the latest issue in major contact sports like hockey and football. Concussions have become a recurring problem in these sports, and even baseball too despite the generally non-contact nature of the sport.

The reason I bring this up today is because Sidney Crosby has resumed skating for the first time in a long time since his concussion. Crosby was initially injured during the Winter Classic from a hit delivered by David Steckel, then of the Washington Capitals and now of the New Jersey Devils. Crosby then played a few days later, and if Steckel did not give him a concussion, then Victor Hedman of the Tampa Bay Lightning certainly did.

So since Crosby has finally resumed activities such as skating, he poses as an attractive pick up in fantasy hockey, if his previous owner decided to cut him loose. I am here to tell you to stay away. As an owner of Justin Morneau in fantasy baseball this past season, you should know that if the team doesn’t outright say he is going to come back, then you probably won’t see him again this season. When Morneau was first injured, it seemed minor. It was the week before the All-Star game, and the initial talks were that he

Justin Morneau was concussed on this slide into second. PHOTO //

would probably miss the All-Star Game. So he missed the mid-summer classic, and the talks became he will be back in a few weeks. Deadline after deadline passed, and Morneau never came back. Just like Crosby and the Penguins now, Morneau and the Twins took me for a ride of hope, expectations, and disappointment last season (Though I still managed to win my fantasy baseball league.) Almost one year later, and Morneau is still not back to his normal self.

Now I am not trying to say, “screw you Morneau, you almost ruined it!” I understand that he had a legitimate injury, and I’m sure it was killing him both physically and mentally that he couldn’t get back to his usual self, and continue playing. I am just taking the time now to express the unpredictability of this particular injury. For some players it can be a death sentence to their season, while others like DeSean Jackson came back from a very ugly hit after only a few weeks. So here is my warning to all. Do not add Crosby to your fantasy roster. If he does return I am willing to bet:

A. He won’t be the point scoring machine he was earlier in the season.


B. He probably won’t even play until the playoffs.

So here is my video today. The Steckel hit, and the Hedman hit.

March 13, Old Fantasy Football Commercials

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Hey guys,

Remember this old fantasy football commercial? It’s clearly fake, but still pretty awesome.

Hopefully the NFL stops being so greedy, and we can enjoy fantasy football like we do every year.

Check out these others too…

March 9, No Love Lost for Tiki Barber

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Hey guys,

So in today’s news, Tiki Barber made the announcement that he will be returning to the NFL. Tiki retired from the Giants after the 2006 season, and has now become one of the least popular sports figures in New York sports history.

Tiki Barber hunts for one of his fumbled balls. IMAGE //

When Barber retired from the NFL he had delusions that he was some great journalist / reporter. Barber’s ambitions of being the next Tom Brokaw has fallen flat on its face, so now he is looking to make a pay check in the game that he once played pretty well. Do I like Tiki? Absolutely not, but it would be ignorant to say that he was not a good player at the peak of his career. Barber had a nasty little habit of fumbling the ball at points of his career. In 2002 and 2003, Barber fumbled the ball six times in each season. When Tom Coughlin arrived as the coach in 2004, he taught Tiki a new style of carrying the football, and his fumbling woes went away.

Although 36 is way past the prime of most (all) running backs, Barber is an interesting case, and I am interested to see what he has to offer the game. I feel that the few years leading up to his retirement were the best of his career. I don’t think he will be the starting running back of any team, but I would be interested to see if he can help a team out. There is a 0% chance that he will be on the New York Giants however. The way his career in New York ended was too ugly to repair. Tiki made public criticisms of his coach, and also criticized his quarterback Eli Manning. In the season after his retirement, Tiki went public with his disdain for Eli, calling his pre-game motivational speeches, “almost comical.”

To further the New Yorker’s fire against Tiki, the Giants went to the Super Bowl the very first season after Barber’s retirement, and defeated the Goliath that was the New England Patriots, ruining their attempt at a perfect season. Barber officially became an after thought in New York, and if anyone did miss him before, they surely did not anymore.

Tiki the Man

Enough about the football career of Barber. He is a hypocrite and is only coming back for a pay day.

Tiki: My Life in the Game and Beyond. IMAGE //

Last year, in April, it was reported that Barber was leaving his wife of 11 years for a 23-year-old woman. At the time that it was made public that he was leaving his wife, she was in her eighth month of pregnancy. Not that I am excusing his actions, but I really wouldn’t care about this if he hadn’t made so many public statements against his own father.

In Tiki’s book Tiki: My Life in the Game and Beyond, Barber was highly critical of his father’s abandonment of him, his brother, and his mother.

What did I feel for my father? Not love or hate. Those emotions are too strong. It was something worse. Indifference. But in another sense, I realize that I still have hang-ups about not growing up with a dad. Maybe my life has been like that of other abandoned sons: a long search for a father figure.

Not to say that Tiki will not be there for his children when they grow up, but it is clear that the dynamic of their relationship will never be the same. To add to the hypocrisy, Barber was highly critical of his father’s abandonment of his mother in a 2004 New York Post article.

Not only did [my father] abandon her, I felt like he abandoned us for a lot of our lives. I have a hard time forgiving that.

In conclusion, I do not care for Barber at all. I don’t respect his personal life, I don’t respect his criticism of his then coach and quarterback, and I don’t respect his pie-in-the-sky notion that he would be the next great reporter. I hope Tiki falls on his face in his return to the NFL. No love lost in New York, Tiki.

** Quote excerpts courtesy of The Week.

March 5, Happy Birthday Dad

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Hey guys,

So on this day in 1955, my father was born. To commemorate the occasion I’m going to put up a few of his favorites. Enjoy.