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May 7, The Ageless Nick Lidstrom Dazzles Again, Keeps Detroit Alive

Hey guys,

I haven’t had a whole lot of time to blog this week since it is the last week of my college life, and I hae been real busy with school work. Once the summer comes around I hope to post more regularly. As you can probably guess this is a pretty busy week for me.

The Detroit Red Wings have always been a team I have deeply respected for the tradition of being one of the original six teams, and their consistency each season. Last night, a member of Detroit’s old guard, Nick Lidstrom, continued to show us why age is just a number. Lidstrom scored what would turn out to be an important third goal on a bouncing puck that he batted into the net. Detroit is behind in the series three game to one, and they need to fight for their playoff life from now on. Check out the goal by this ageless wonder.