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April 28, Lightning Advance

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Check out the highlights of last night’s game seven between the Lightning and Penguins. The Lightning will face the Capitals in the second round.


April 26, Stanley Cup Playoffs

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Hey guys,

As you may remember, I made my predictions for the Stanley Cup playoffs a few weeks ago, and the strength of my picks ride on two teams that are both alive, but both are trending in opposite directions.

Tampa Bay was my representative from the Eastern Conference in the Stanley Cup finals, and after falling behind 3-1 in the series, their chances seemed bleak. After winning game five 8-2, and game six 4-2, they are still alive. The fate of that series will be in the hands of a game seven in Pittsburgh on Wednesday night.

In the Western Conference, my Stanley Cup finals representative is the downward trending Vancouver Canucks. After jumping out to a 3-0 series lead, the Canucks surrendered the next three games, and they find themselves with their backs against the wall in a do or die game seven. The series will be settled tonight as the Canucks look to fend off one of the worst playoff collapses in NHL history. It should be a great game to watch.

With my two finalists in jeopardy, both facing do or die game sevens, take a look at what happened in each game six to make these seven game series’ possible.

Dan Smith’s Game Winner in OT of Game Six

Dominic Moore’s Amazing Pass to set up a Bergenheim goal

April 17, Some Nice Goals

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April 12, The 2011 NHL Playoff Predictions

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Western Conference

First Round

1. Vancouver Canucks VS 8. Chicago Blackhawks

Prediction: Canucks in 5. The Canucks are just the better all around team. They are more well rounded, and also have arguably the best goalie in the league in Roberto Luongo. The Blackhawks just can’t match up in any facet of the game. Canucks will go on to the next round.

The Sedins sure are a scary sight for opposing goalies. IMAGE //

2. San Jose Sharks VS 7. Los Angeles Kings

Prediction: San Jose in 6. The Sharks, who have been choke artists in the playoffs in recent history, will get the job done in this first round match up. Losing Kopitar for the season was a major blow to the Kings chances this season. Maybe next year.

3. Detroit Red Wings VS 6. Phoenix Coyotes

Prediction: Red Wings in 4. The Wings are, and have been the class of the NHL for quite some time now. Despite their shaky situation in net, with Jimmy Howard battling through late season injuries, the Wings have too much goal scoring power to be denied.

4. Anaheim Ducks VS 5. Nashville Predators

Predictions: Ducks in 6. Ok, so I picked all favorites in the first round. Well that is for a good reason. The Ducks are one of the hottest teams in the NHL, with one of the hottest players in Corey Perry. Pekka Rinne is one of the most underrated goalies in the league, and he will keep Nashville in it, but ultimately the Ducks will prevail.

Second Round

1. Vancouver Canucks VS 4. Anaheim Ducks

Prediction: Canucks in 7. This potential match up has the making of a classic. The two teams feature upper echelon goalies, and goal scorers. On any given night these offenses are capable of scoring six goals, while their goalies are capable of blanking opponents just as easily. In the end, I see the Canucks surviving this battle.

2. San Jose Sharks VS 3. Detroit Red Wings

 Prediction: Red Wings in 4. I don’t buy into San Jose’s method. I think this season will be another disappointing one for the Sharks, making a playoff exit in their San Jose way, by means of a sweep.

Western Conference Finals

1. Vancouver Canucks VS 3. Detroit Red Wings

Predictions: Canucks in 6. When you think of offensive scoring power, you think of the Sedins, Kessler, Zetterberg, and Datsyuk. I don’t think this series will disappoint those who love to see goals. In the end, it will come down to one goalie stepping up, and that goalie is Luongo. The Canucks will be making a much awaited return to the Stanley Cup.

Eastern Conference

First Round

1. Washington Capitals VS 8. New York Rangers

Prediction: Rangers in 6. The Rangers are not a team anyone wanted to see make the playoffs. To be fair, I don’t think anyone wanted to face the Hurricanes either. The Capitals have finished the regular season atop the East, but not in the most convincing of ways. The Flyers really free fell from the ranks to give up the one seed. The Capitals have the clearcut super star on the ice in Alex Ovechkin, but his presence has not meant much for them historically in the playoffs. That coupled with the fact that I couldn’t tell you who their number one starter is in net leads me to believe that there will be more heartache in Washington this season. Lundqvist will stand tall in this series.

2. Philadelphia Flyers VS 7. Buffalo Sabres

Martin St. Louis had a renaissance in Tampa Bay this season. In my eyes, it was him and not Stamkos that was Tampa's MVP this season. IMAGE //



Prediction: Flyers in 7. The Flyers have been in free fall mode over the last two weeks of the season. Will they be able to get it together? I think so, but I’m really not sure. It would be easy for me to pick Buffalo simply because they have a reliable goalie in Ryan Miller, and the Flyers have a goalie-by-committee system going. I don’t have a lot of faith in Philadelphia, but if Chris Pronger returns to the team like I expect him to, they should be able to advance to the second round.

3. Boston Bruins VS 6. Montreal Canadiens

Prediction: Canadiens in 6. The Montreal Canadiens feature one of the fastest teams in the league, and in this Original Six match up, I see the Canadiens taking care of the rival Boston Bruins. Both teams boast strong goaltending, but I think the Canadiens will be stronger. Call it a hunch. This pick is one that I don’t carry great confidence in.

4. Pittsburgh Penguins VS 5. Tampa Bay Lightning

Prediction: Tampa Bay in 5. No Sidney Crosby and no Geno Malkin makes this pick a bit easier. Despite the fact that the Penguins have impressively managed to win without these two stars, I don’t think they can sustain their winning in a seven game series with one of the most impressive scoring teams in the league. The Lighting move on.

Second Round

2. Philadelphia Flyers VS 8. New York Rangers

Prediction: Rangers in 5. The difference in this series stands out to me. Goaltending. Henrik Lundqvist will simply be too much for the Flyers when it’s all said and done. I don’t know how much I like the Flyers to even make it this far, so for me this is a pretty easy decision.

5. Tampa Bay Lightning VS 6. Montreal Canadiens

Prediction: Lightning in 5. I like the Lightning this season. They combine strong offensive output and speed with leadership. This is a team that has no shortage of seasoned guys who have been there and done that. The high flying play of their offense combined with the strong goaltending of Dwayne Roloson. I expect to see Tampa Bay in the Eastern Conference Finals.

Eastern Conference Finals

5. Tampa Bay Lightning VS 8. New York Rangers

Prediction: Lightning in 7. As much as it hurts to say, I think the Lightning have what it takes to represent the East in the Stanley Cup. The Rangers just don’t have enough to answers to what Tampa will be throwing at them. John Tortorella led the Lightning to the Stanley Cup in 03-04, and this season he could very well watch his former team make their way back for the first time since he was there.

Stanley Cup Finals

1. Vancouver Canucks VS 5. Tampa Bay Lightning

Prediction: Canucks in 6. For all the reasons I mentioned earlier, the Canucks will be the Stanley Cup Champions, redeeming their 1994 loss in seven games to the New York Rangers.

Conn Smythe Winner: Daniel Sedin

Check out some highlights of the last time these two teams were in the Stanley Cup:

March 21, Marc Staal’s Presence is Felt

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Hey guys,

It seems like it has become a weekly Sunday tradition to watch the Rangers on the national television game of the week on NBC. The Rangers are in the midst of a serious playoff push, so naturally they are an attractive option to play on the game of the week. It is also easy to play an Original Six team since they have so much history, and thus such loyal fan-bases.

Yesterday was a continuation of the Rangers’ strong playoff push, distinguishing themselves from Buffalo and Carolina. The Rangers defeated the Penguins by the score of 5-2, sweeping Pittsburgh in their new home arena, the Consol Energy Center, three game to none.

Marc Staal puts the Devils in their place. IMAGE // SNY

As well as the Rangers played yesterday, and as dominant of a victory as it turned out to be, I feel the game could have been a shutout. Not to be pessimistic about such a great win, but the element of the game that was glaring in my eyes was the absence of Marc Staal, and the manner in which the Penguins scored their two goals. On the Penguins first goal of the game, Girardi was on the ice with Steve Eminger, and their lack of feel for one another allowed Jordan Staal to waltz into the left side of the Rangers zone uncontested, and allowed the Penguins first goal. The second goal was more of a team effort to work against them. The puck was changing hand multiple times in the neutral zone before Chris Kunitz possessed the puck, and fired a fairly wide open shot to beat Lundqvist. Like I said, it was more of a team failure to allow the Penguins second goal, but If Staal was on the ice, things could have been different.


Thankfully, the Rangers were able to secure the win, but Staal’s contribution to the team can not be understated. Without Staal, I don’t see the Rangers getting far in the playoffs, with him, there is no limit to what this team can do. Not to say he is the only important player on this team. It would hurt the Rangers chances if they lost Dubinsky, Prospal, or Gaborik, but I feel that Staal, Callahan, and Lundqvist are the players this team can absolutely not afford to lose.

Enjoy the highlights of yesterdays big win!

March 17, St. Pattys Day — 1,000 Views

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Hey guys,

Happy St. Pattys day too all, especially my sister who is celebrating the holiday in Ireland.

Thanks to all my readers, whoever you are, for 1,000 views in just under a month of existence.

To commemorate the holiday and my 1,000th view, here are some videos. Enjoy a Guinness, some Baileys, and some Jameo.

Guinness Commercial

Steve Yzerman’s 1,000th assist

Jaromir Jagr’s 1,000th point

Teemu Selanne’s 1,000th point

March 14, Concussions, Concussions

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Hey guys,

So today I write about the latest issue in major contact sports like hockey and football. Concussions have become a recurring problem in these sports, and even baseball too despite the generally non-contact nature of the sport.

The reason I bring this up today is because Sidney Crosby has resumed skating for the first time in a long time since his concussion. Crosby was initially injured during the Winter Classic from a hit delivered by David Steckel, then of the Washington Capitals and now of the New Jersey Devils. Crosby then played a few days later, and if Steckel did not give him a concussion, then Victor Hedman of the Tampa Bay Lightning certainly did.

So since Crosby has finally resumed activities such as skating, he poses as an attractive pick up in fantasy hockey, if his previous owner decided to cut him loose. I am here to tell you to stay away. As an owner of Justin Morneau in fantasy baseball this past season, you should know that if the team doesn’t outright say he is going to come back, then you probably won’t see him again this season. When Morneau was first injured, it seemed minor. It was the week before the All-Star game, and the initial talks were that he

Justin Morneau was concussed on this slide into second. PHOTO //

would probably miss the All-Star Game. So he missed the mid-summer classic, and the talks became he will be back in a few weeks. Deadline after deadline passed, and Morneau never came back. Just like Crosby and the Penguins now, Morneau and the Twins took me for a ride of hope, expectations, and disappointment last season (Though I still managed to win my fantasy baseball league.) Almost one year later, and Morneau is still not back to his normal self.

Now I am not trying to say, “screw you Morneau, you almost ruined it!” I understand that he had a legitimate injury, and I’m sure it was killing him both physically and mentally that he couldn’t get back to his usual self, and continue playing. I am just taking the time now to express the unpredictability of this particular injury. For some players it can be a death sentence to their season, while others like DeSean Jackson came back from a very ugly hit after only a few weeks. So here is my warning to all. Do not add Crosby to your fantasy roster. If he does return I am willing to bet:

A. He won’t be the point scoring machine he was earlier in the season.


B. He probably won’t even play until the playoffs.

So here is my video today. The Steckel hit, and the Hedman hit.